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Monday, July 10, 2017


Frank and I met at the Relentless Dragon to play a game using a set of rules Frank had a hand in writing.  We did a quick single ship action between two cruisers.
After closing in and making an exchange of fire my ship was crippled and the Franks was sunk (Frank fell pray to his Long Lance torpedoes being hit by an 8 inch shell that blew them and his ship sky high).
The fleets closed for two turns before finally spotting each other at very close range (our closes units are within 10 KM.
Torpedoes are launched and guns trained on target... We quickly found out my Torpedoes where actually out of range and ran out falling short of their targets.
Gun fire as ships on both sides beaten up.  Frank had better luck than me though both fleets take damage.  Sadly we were running out of time and had to call the game.  (Maybe we can pick it up again latter). The rules were good, movement was easy (simpler than GHQ) but shooting is more complicated.  Guns fire by Salvo which I like and they have a great system that accounts for ships with a higher rate of fire. The problem seemed to come with the Critical hits table.  Every 50 points or portion of 50 points gets you a roll on the critical hits table. So a hit doing 102 points of damage gets you three rolls on the Critical hit table. The damage done by battleship guns or torpedoes can be several hundred points which result lots of rolls on the table.

I would propose a one or two critical hits per salvo to speed up the game.  I've been speaking with the author of the rules (who is a personal friend of Frank's) and it may be our unfamiliarity with the rules lead to the slowness.