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Friday, June 16, 2017

General d'Armee: Vimeiro Hill

Not a lot of gaming of late with life in general just getting in the way but John (who's had his own blocks to gaming) available for a game we opted to General de Armee.  
  John took the British and I the French lining up to take Vimeiro hill.  My intention was have my elite troops on the left demonstrate against the hill while my Veteran grenadiers (right) and line troops (center) attacked the British Brigade to the right.
 John and I both had one hesitating brigade. Mine was in the center
 John advanced on my right so with my support in the center hesitating I opted to receive the attack.  rifle and artillery fire did minor damage
 My 8 pounders exacted some damage of their own.
  The Next turn with John advancing I opted to use the Artillery Assault special order ..
Punishing the Scots and 95th as they approach 
 I advanced my right most unit of Veteran grenadiers and the Scots attempted to charge home. We got a close range fire fight that hurt both units.
 I attempted a combined attack on the Scots who punished us with a text book blast of fire and my left.
 My efforts to concentrate and crush John's left are not looking good as my center hesitates again.
  John's reinforcements arrive and John prepares his crushing blow.
 This was the only real question/issue that came up my artillery is ready to blast the 95th but as bets we could tell they can charge the grenadiers to my right without taking any fire.  This seems odd.  I understand the desire to to have every one take shots at the approaching attacker as if calling in time on target but the ability to ignore the guns entirely seem equally suspect
Johns attack rolls up my right and I decide its time to start the withdrawal the English hold the hill.   I liked the set of rules a lot and John was nice enough to get me a copy of these rules and their ACW equivalent as a "baby shower" gift.  I'm very grateful to have the chance to read them in full.  This was not one of my better games, I was a the low side of the bell curve most of the game while John was dwelling at the high end.  The result was a crushing English victory but still a fun night of gaming.

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