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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Escalation League (2)

Last week I met up with the guys at Adler Hobby in Holis New Hampshire. I arrived late due to some work and other obligations and two battles were already under way. After the first round of battles were through the allied players had to leave (well actually AJ stayed though he claimed he had to leave early) so James and I decided to hols a little Africa Korps Training exercises.

My Panzer force faced James Afrika Shuetzen company. James was the defender and started with two of his four platoons off board.

Now at 600 points my army only has two platoons a Miltler Panzer platoon of two Panzer VIs and a Liech Panzer platoon of two Panzer IIs and a Panzer I. I normaly play infantry so this list has been my efort to try and understand armor. Chris schooled me most of the summer in a series of very close battles.

Since starting the escalation league I have decide to embrace the idea that my force is a blunt instrument and my first attack reelected this. My Leich Panzer raced ahead and assaulted James' dug in infantry on turn 1!

The result was disastrous. I didn't kill any infantry and lost two tanks. So much of the knockout blow. James got his AT guns on his half of turn one. He also pulled an ambush with Pioneers and his flames throwers killed on of my priceless Panzer IVs. I had started the battle with six tanks now in only one turn I was down to three things did not look good.

Over the next Six Turns Panzers, half tracks, Pioneers, AT Guns and Infantry engages in a battle of thrust, parry and counter. James Bailed my tanks many times especially the sole surviving Panzer II but he was unable to destroy any more. Slow my Panzers killed his men one at a time with MGs and the occasional cannon shot I killed his pioneers, then his AT guns and finally his infantry driving his men off the objective on turn seven and securing the win.

I would have received a stern talking too about risking light panzers against dug in infantry from Rommel had this been a true training exercises.

I may have won but James deserves high praise for his skilled handling of his troops.

Pictures will follow at some point sorry for their absence.