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Friday, July 29, 2011

My not quiet a review of Black Powder.

So I finally got to see the rule book in the flesh last night. I wasn't able to buy a copy because of some other purchase though I did fund AJ's purchase, thanks again for the Bases.

I like what I see. The book has lots of great pictures AJ commented the book was almost worth the price for the eye candy (a little more on that latter). I like the attitude of fun these authors infused into the sections they read. The game mechanics look good (but have not played its hard to judge) and the little I read makes me think Gordon is right these guys did a good job of getting the rules in their head on to the page.

From my stand point (and I do not think I am alone) an important consideration is the fact that I can use my V&B based troops for this game. I don't plan on dropping V&B so getting double duty out of my extensive 18th century collection is important, especially given the massive rebasing project I have been working on (thanks AJ).

So that's the good part, now the "negative."

Really the only criticism I can give at this point is price. The book weights in at a hefty $54.99, its a quality product at that price, and I will probably be buying at some point. Still this is not an impulse purchase. I get the high price, the weak dollar, the cost of shipping to the US, the very high production value. As a comparison Volley and Bayonet Road to Glory costs $49.99 and while an excellent set of rules, its a soft cover and the pictures are mostly black and white where as Black powder is hard cover and has lots of color photos. So the price isn't bad it may even be a value (if I like the rules a much as I like V&B it will be an outstanding value) but like I said its not an impulse purchase, I want to get in a few games and see what some gamers I know think before I buy.

Though I do not believe any one from Warlord will read this I wanted to add one more little thought. Offering the book at one price through certain on line vendors and another at smaller retail stores may make sense for short term profits but in the long run your better off getting the book into stores at a reasonable price (hey if you can shave some money off the on line price you can offer the book for less generally) and is a better investment. If I buy this book it will because my local gaming circle plays it and speaks well of it not because of reviews I see on line.