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Monday, December 28, 2009

So it Begins

Today is the first step in the process of running an 18th Century War game campaign. Luke Chevrette will be providing my opposition. Lack of players has ruled out the Titanic great powers struggle I had envisioned but it may be best to try my system on a small scale first. The war we are portraying is not based on any particular 18th Century War but the set up holds some similarities with the War of Austrian Secession.

I will run an Alliance of France and Prussia while Luke will run an Alliance of Great Britain/Hanover and Austria. Minor nations are either part of the Reich Army which is part of Luke's initial forces, They are stuck in Bavaria waiting on a commander but they count toward his starting army.

I hope that other players will join us as theater generals or similar.

Each of us has a very good Army and a more difficult army. In my case Prussia is an excellent army the key will be to not lose too much of it winning the opening battles. Attrition is our enemy as Prussia.

France is an interesting case the army has (or can have) good moral but the vast majority of the troops are poorly drilled. Which limits the opportunities for clever maneuvers on the field. My feeling is the key is to embrace the French Army for what it is a "big club". Its troops are cheep so just go strait at your foe and have a second wave ready to go!

Tactical Rules are Volley and Bayonet Campaign Rules are home brew inspired and drawing heavily on Sport of Kings publish as part of Age of Reason. All copy right belong to their owners.