Sunday, February 7, 2021

Let's Roll II: the Indies Convoy.

 I'll post notes on the scenario design later but the basics are a group of American Privateers and US Navy ships have teamed up to attack a wealthy British Convoy. A squadron of French Privateers also joins the attack. 

Frank's USS Boston cut across the front of British Frigate Lively raking her with a double shotted broadside then boards in the smoke. Paul's brig cuts across the stern and joins the attack the Lively taken from two sides she quickly strikes.
HMS Shannon fired one broadside but it's the best broadside of the game striking USS Constitution for 9 points and two critical hits fire and stearing damage. Captain Grenewald finds his carefully laid plans ruined so he grapples Shannon both ships are now burning and locked in hand to hand combat! 
Meanwhile the French and American Privateers have spared with the smaller British escorts and are getting the better of it with the major British ships occupied they charge toward the merchant ships.
Privateers begin to grapple merchant ships and to hand combat becomes general. 
With fighting raging back and forth on the Shannon and Constitution Captain Sheppard in the Boston makes a desperate decision and fires into the grappled ships! His shot rakes Shannon hurting her badly some shots hit Constitution but she comes out ahead. With Shannon really the crew of the Constitution prevails!
With their Royal Navy guards falling the merchants begin to strike. An clear victory for the Franco-American forces. 


  1. This looks great fun Adam. Are the ships the paper ones, or it it the photos of a computer screen that give that impression? Either way, they look fabulous!
    Regards, James