Monday, December 21, 2020

Black Seas Break the Blockade (Let's Roll remote game day)

Six intrepid privateer captains had gathered at a small French Port in the Caribbean hoping to stage a major raid on a British Convoy.  The Royal Navy has gotten wind of the plan and has sent ships to keep them in check.  As the number of ships increases the captains decide its best to break out on as a group then scatter. 

Captain Greenwald decided to make his break early. His tactics were good but shooting on both sides was poor early on. He took more damage than he gave to the British Frigates, but he avoided being boarded and he was free of the big ships and managed to dodge the supporting British cutters.  He even took a prize on the way home.
The English Frigates once again managed to double one of the Privateers but again they failed to grabble the privateer.  Captain Seebald's ship was hurt broke through. 
Captains, O'Tool, Chevrette and Covollo have been making there way up along the East side of the table.  They shot at the frigates and smaller ships at long-range doing minor damage.  All three would escape and take prizes on their trip home. 
Captain Rioux found himself in a tight spot Grabbled by the English 32 Aeolus.  Fortunately, HMS Belvedere went in pursuit of the other ships never imagining its consort would be unable to take a French Privateer.  The gun boats chased Captain Seebald talking out his mizzen mast with a lucky critical hit.  Still Captain Seebald managed to escape despite some unfavorable changes of wind. 

Captain Rioux meanwhile lead his men in a savage hand to hand battle with the HMS Aeolus and managed to take her. He then managed barely to escape the table with HUM Belvedere in pursuit. Still a stern chase is  long chase and Captain Rioux managed to slip away in the end with his prize.  


  1. Another great looking fleet action Adam. Plenty of gunnery in this one and there must have been some good sailing around all those islands?
    Regards, James

    1. We had great fun would you like to join us some time?